1.1 Acquire an approval by email from AZURE, that the services are conformable with the CONTENT PROVIDER’s obligations before beginning its services.

1.2 Provide and promote quality services and type in order to maximize the number of call minutes and which does not bring a bad reputation to AZURE or to the network providers or contain anything likely in the light of the general standards of decency and propriety to cause offense to service users.

1.3 Include information in all promotional materials used for services that will enable a service user to make sure before calling the service charge that is due for services and all other information required by the relevant regulations.

1.4 The CONTENT PROVIDER should comply with all the requirements and conditions at any time and from time to time imposed by law or by any network provider related or other competent authority.

1.5 Not provide any services that include spamming, missed call fraud nor provide or market any adult or other service that is prohibited under this Agreement.

1.6 Not provide in any of the services any information that would be a criminal offense or violate any third party intellectual property rights or otherwise would be illegal, or involve practical wrong in the country to promote against any person, either known or expected to be reasonably known to be a criminal offense or be otherwise illegal. And in case of any breach of this clause the CONTENT PROVIDER will be the one and only responsible for this breach. The CONTENT PROVIDER undertakes to ensure AZURE against any and all suits and legal claims resulting from such occurrences.

1.7 Ensure before the Service or any part of it is provided, that all the equity interest, has been obtaining permits, licenses, approvals and permissions granted and or have been compliant with all requirements of the law with what might be necessary and sufficient to enable the service or any part thereof to be made available to users of the services.

1.8 Insure and indemnify AZURE and any network provider including any member, employee or agent of AZURE against all liabilities, actions, claims and proceedings demands whatsoever, which arise directly or indirectly from or as a result of the operation or the promotion of services which is made by any third party.