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SMS has always been one of the most effective ways to save time and reach new and existing markets across the globe; Azure Telecom offers international SMS MT, covering more than 600 mobile operators for Peer to Peer SMS, streaming content services (i.e. banking alerts, news alerts, stock updates…), and BULK SMS through high quality, reliable connectivity, and available support team.

To fully serve your messaging campaigns and meet your needs on technical, operational, and financial levels, Azure Telecom offers SMPP, HTTP, and web-based SMS sending options that are fully reliable, robust, and tested.



Country Network MCC MNC Rate Currency
Egypt Mobinil 602 01 0.006 EUR
Saudi Arabia STC 420 01 0.015 EUR
Qatar Qtel 427 01 0.007 EUR
Algeria Djezzy 603 02 0.010 EUR
Iraq Korek 418 40.91 0.008 EUR
Libya Libyana 606 00 0.012 EUR
Kenya Orange 639 07 0.008 EUR
Sudan MTN 634 02 0.006 EUR
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