• Fraud prevention
    & anti-fraud
    department 24/7

  • Gold & Platinum

  • Real time CDRs via

  • Real time billing via

  • G.729, G711,
    GSM codecs

  • International
    calling to over 700

  • Outbound caller ID

  • Immediate account


Through Azure Telecom’s direct connections, you are now able to make international VoIP calls at very low rates; we cater the needs of every customer by offering them high-quality, practical, and cost-effective Internet telephony solutions compared to the existing and outdated traditional ones.


Thanks to the company’s low-rate and high quality wholesale VoIP termination, we are able to expand our geographical base and strengthen Azure’s position in the global markets. We serve small and large VoIP providers, business partners, and resellers with our VoIP solutions



Country Network MCC MNC Rate Currency
Egypt Vodafone 602 02 0.04 USD
Ghana Vodafone 620 02 0.10 USD
Kuwait Viva 419 04 0.04 USD
Nigeria MTN 621 30 0.05 USD
Saudi Arabia STC 420 01 0.10 USD
Mali Orange 631 02 0.04 USD
Angola Unitel 624 02 0.07 USD
Cameroon Orange 634 02 0.22 USD
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