• Auto-attendant
    and call routing

  • Customer

  • Robust data

  • Customized IVR


Our simple and cost-effective IVR solutions help companies to increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction; it enables operators to flawlessly communicate valuable reminders and messages to clients through 24/7 customer service.

Azure’s Interactive Voice Response offers variety of features including, audio playback, touchtone entry, multilingual speech recognition, and outbound call routing.




Auto-attendant and call routing:
The auto attendant telephone system performs call routing functions typically as a live operator; it welcomes the callers with personalized messages and transfers incoming calls to the appropriate lines or answering services.


Customer feedback:
One of the popular IVR tools is the ability to generate automated surveys to collect and manage data for any given business research or campaign; an IVR survey is a pre-recorded automated questionnaire in which the customer responds to queries either by voice or by typing numerical responses using their phone keypad.


Robust data collection:
IVR solutions will enable businesses to instantly record calls, collect responses and feedbacks, track results, export data, analyze metrics, and hence make better business decisions to increase their customers’ satisfaction and ROI.


Customized IVR solutions:
At Azure Telecom, we customize high-quality IVR solutions to fully satisfy your business needs at the most reasonable fees.